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Beautiful Bequia

Project by New Roots, Text by Felicity Harley
Gorgeous mural painting that depicts village life, and its connection to nature, culture and community. The scene features a village on Bequia called Paget Farm, and the joy and beauty in the life people experience there. The goal of the project was to create a piece of art about the south-side community for the kids to see the wealth in their culture, natural resources and relationships with each other...
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Back to Basics: Call to Be Childlike 

I watched as my cousin wiped his hands on his crisp clean white t-shirt. I leaned back into my chair and looked down at my crisp clean white button down then at my hands dripping with shrimp juice. My shirt was going to stay white for now. My kid self would’ve hurled. Funny thing life is...
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4 awesome streetwear brands to look forward to in 2018 

To kickstart 2018, we’ve decided to highlight some of the streetwear brands that we think will make it big in the oncoming year. The following are listed in alphabetical order...
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50 clothing brands that are on top of their Instagram game 

Instagram is where all the cool kids are hanging out these days — and that definitely goes for apparel lines, too. Because we’re fans of social media and everything T-shirts, we’ve gathered 50 of the best T-shirt brands that are on top of the Instagram game right now. Check out who we think is worth following...
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Skully & friends - drugačiji od drugih 

Predstavljamo vam originalan i neobičan brend Skully & friends. Zahvaljujući svojim dizajnerima, brend se poprilično ističe u odnosu na ostale. Naime, njihovi dizajneri su… djeca. Osnivač brenda Hrvoje Šušak nam je ispričao kako su ga na ideju inspirirali crteži njegovog sina u kojima se pojavljuju bizarna, smiješna te ponekad i jeziva bića...
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